Geoff Perrin


Geoff Perrin resides in, and is now a Citizen of, the United States of America. Geoff began his career serving Six years in the British Army, 1989 – 1994. He then moved on to join the London Metropolitan Police in England, where he worked for a decade from 1994 – 2004.

He was a Public Order Branch Instructor CO12-CO11, Public Order Medic, Tactical Advisor, Less Lethal Instructor and a CO11 Defensive Tactics Instructor and Coordinator.

  • Served on Police Support Units dealing with civil disorder and Anti-Terrorist Patrols all over London and the South East of England
  • Worked on a Proactive Team to counter street crime
  • NPT/ ACPO National Officers Safety Instructor’s Course Public Order Branch CO11/ CO12, 21st September – 10th October 1997
  • NPT/ ACPO National Public Order Medics Course, 1 – 15th May, 1997
  • Lewisham Borough Coordinator responsible for providing Officer Safety, Defensive Tactics, Human Rights and use of force training for 600 Officers
  • Responsible for the logistics involved in ordering, supply and replacement of non-lethal ordinance and restraining aids
  • In charge of Public Order Equipment and Vehicle Readiness
  • Responsible for implementing the use of Civil Disorder Tactics and training to isolate and contain violent criminals held in Police custody.


Geoff had to coordinate and develop training with the National Health Service, Mental Health Unit in tactics to restrain persons with mental illness. Geoff coordinated and developed National Tactics to deal with Soccer stadium violence and disorder. He was responsible for Rapid Entry Techniques in executing arrest warrants. He was the Medical and Tactical advisor to Police Support Units (PSU) and Territorial Support Units (TSG) including Managers/ Senior Command Officers. He was responsible for creating Anti-crime Initiatives and methods to target high crime areas.

During his Military and Police Service time, he has been involved in over 500 Civil Disorder Operations including supporting Police Public Order Operations in Northern Ireland, UN Peace keeping in Croatia. In the UK, Public Order Operations included Notting hill Carnivals, National and International Soccer matches; Stop the City Riots, Brixton Riots, Anti-war Disorder, Anti-Muslim protests, far right extremist’s protests, Muslim Protests and Anti- Capitalism protests.

Geoff has trained and trained with Multi-National UN Forces in Peacekeeping and Police Support Roles in Cyprus, Germany and Croatia. He provided crossover training for French Compagnies Republicaines de Securite (CRS) (Riot Police) He provided Public Order/ Riot Control training for the Royal Dutch Military Police. He provided at the Mock Prison Riots, Public Order and Prisoner Relocation Training to multiple correctional agencies from a variety of Domestic Correctional Facilities and International Units from Canada and Singapore.

Geoff trained the Utah Law Enforcement in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics along with 5000 National Guard Troops in Public Order Riot Control including the integration of SWAT Teams into Public Order/ Civil Disobedience Events. He trained the Kenyan National Police in Riot control. He provided covert interdiction and FIT Training along with Riot Control Training to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Vancouver Police Department in preparation for the G8 Summit. Geoff provided Public Order Training to the Juneau Police Department in Alaska.

He provided Public Order Training to the Mongolian National Police in Mongolia. In advance of the Democratic National Committee Convention, in Denver in 2008, he trained Colorado Springs Police Department, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office; Aurora Police Department and Colorado State Police in Level 2 Riot Control.

Geoff designed and directed the Swanson Tactical Training Centre, Ogden, Weber, Utah – Which was built as a National Training Centre for Law Enforcement, Federal Agencies, Military and Public Safety.

If you need a further detailed Resume for Geoff’s Military, Police and Consulting Career, please contact us. Subject to Her Majesty’s Official Secrets Act 1911. Details on Operational and Mission Specific Duties are still restricted under United Kingdom Laws.

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