Survival Edge Tactical Systems specializes in developing custom combatives programs catering to the unique mission or needs of each individual organization we train. We have formed a strategic alliance with The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association which handles many of our private sector and international training programs. Each course we teach can be done as an Operator level course or as a Train-the-Trainer program. Some of the kinds of organizations that we have developed and taught programs for includes:
· Police Academies
· Law Enforcement Agencies
· SWAT Officers and other Tactical Teams=
· Military Special Operations
· Military Police
· Covert Operations
· Counter-Espionage Units
· Private Security Forces
· Personal Security Details


One of our most popular courses, this program is designed to prepare individuals that work in high threat areas, either alone or in small teams, to face single or multiple assailants intent upon their kidnapping, assassination, death and/or exploitation. All instruction focuses on individual skill sets supplemented with scenario based confrontations to prepare each individual for extremely dynamic, physical, and violent encounters.

This course includes situational and survival based Combatives/ Edged/ Impact and Improvised Weapon training. This includes training in close-quarter weapon disarming and multiple attacker scenarios in various situations that are relevant to the client’s probable work environment. This includes but is not necessarily limited to extreme close-quarters in confined spaces, and in/around vehicles. Integration of extreme close-quarter firearms tactics can be added to the program of instruction upon request of the client.

Statistically more lethal than firearms assaults at extreme close-quarters, edged weapons are a constant threat that law enforcement officers must be aware of and prepared to defend against on a daily basis. The goal of this course is not to avoid “martial arts” techniques, but to analyze what martial artists have learned from centuries of trial and error, and hand pick the techniques, tactics and procedures that have the highest probability of success for the average American law enforcement officer who is often neither a martial artist, nor has the opportunity to train on a regular basis.
This course includes at a minimum:
· Identifying edged weapon threats as early as possible.
· Exploiting optimal angles of approach and engagement.
· Learning strikes and joint manipulations that have the highest probability of success in the “Adrenal State”.
· Focus on Gross Motor movement and actions that prepare the officer for success when experiencing physiological stress symptoms.
· Integrating available use-of-force options.
· Dynamic simulation and micro-scenario drills.

In the extreme close-quarters environment of tactical room entries, the elements of speed, surprise and violence of action must be maintained in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the possibility for casualties. Discriminate use of force is imperative in a law enforcement environment and in most military action . The goal of the TTC program is to provide the operator with the tools necessary for safely dominating a building while at the same time dealing with subjects at all levels of the force continuum. Unique elements of this phase include the necessity of dealing with various threat levels while in full tactical kit while maintaining safe control of weapons in-hand.

Every year in the United States around 15% of police officers that are killed by gunfire are killed with their own weapon. The danger of this reality is enhanced when working in a CQB environment. This course teaches the operator how to protect and retain their weapons from the grasp of a determined adversary using all tools at the operator’s disposal. We also address weapon emergency weapon recovery/disarming in this program of instruction. Long-guns and handguns are both addressed.

In this course, techniques and tactics are taught for dealing with subjects providing various levels of resistance. The focus of this course is on Gross Motor techniques that have a higher probability of success when working the the stress of a real-world environment.

This course is designed to educate the participants on the dangers of ground fighting in a real-world combative environment. Participants are taught how to avoid and resist being drawn into a ground fight situation, and how to survive and escape the ground when the Operator finds themselves in that environment. Training is done in a progression from comfortable gym attire and progresses to performing all techniques in the full equipment each participant commonly works in.

Our combat knife programs are considered the most realistic and effective in the world. They have been proven combat effective on the battlefield in engagements as recent as 2015. They have been taught to Special Operations units throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, India and Russia. The roots of our program originate with the man considered the worlds foremost authority on knife fighting, Leo Gaje Jr., family heir of the Filipino blade fighting system Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

Our Expandable Baton Operator and Instructor programs have been taught to Police and Military units throughout the United States, Germany, England, Korea, Singapore, Brazil and the Philippines. We have developed policy, procedure and training programs for Police Academies and Police Departments in the United States, and were contracted to develop the official Program of Instruction for the German company BONOWI and their EKA expandable baton (aka Smartlock or Camlock).




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