On Public Order Course

“…In case you’re don’t remember me, I’m one of the grenadiers on the SLC POU. I want to give you a very sincere thank you for bringing a high level of training and equipment to SLC.

I honestly believe the helmet we wear thanks to you, saved my life on Saturday during the riots,I was hit in the head so hard with what I think was a street sign, that I got a concussion through the helmet.

My first child is being born in August and if not for the helmet you recommended and got for us, I may not have been around to see him be born.

So again sincerely thank you, and I owe you a beer, or a case.”


On Expandable Baton Course

“Excellent technique. We used it during use of force incident on duty today and worked quite nicely. It is so simple I was able to talk my partner through it while I controlled the suspect on ground even though he has never practiced TriCom before. Thanks 🙂 “
-Tomáš, Czech Police

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