Public Order-Level 1

Our high level, Public Order Level 1, is a hybrid of material from Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s designed to train police support units, consisting of 1 Lieutenant/Inspector, 4 Sergeants and 24 uniformed officers. While classes of up to 3 units at a time can be supported, the 1/4/24 model, up to a total of 40 students, is preferred.

Content covered includes:
In-depth introduction into the use of riot equipment; public order formations; tactics, techniques and procedures
Close Quarter Combatives
Riot survival
Introduction to less lethal force within a crowd
Less lethal munitions and the legal aspects of their use
Live simulated OC/CS Agent training
Integration of firearms
Canines; Mounted Law Enforcement
Artificial lighting; Molotov cocktail (petrol bomb) awareness training
Law enforcement action; crowd behaviour; crowd management principles
The disorder scale
Briefing structure
Guidelines for civil disorder units.

This course also has 1 night of night riot scenarios/ FTX and a day time scenario FTX. This 4-day course (40 hours) is roughly twenty percent didactic and eighty percent practical.
Covert Interdiction 4-day courses designed for undercover officers and agents in a covert role (Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT)) and Evidence Gathering, designed to aid small teams in close contact with crowds to identify dangerous suspects and aid in the removal of ring leaders from behind the blue line.

Additionally, we can tailor-make programs for your Department’s specific needs. We do not offer Mobile Field Force training, as we find it to be insufficient to meet the needs of modern day public order forces. Instead, S.E.T.S., Inc. offers highly practical real-life training, training like we fight. We have 40 sets of riot equipment which is the current British HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Department Branch) standard, which sets the standard for all riot equipment in Europe available for students; to not only protect them, but to encourage full force participation and engagement.