Public Order Division

Survival Edge Tactical System’s Public Order division focuses on Public Order / Riot Control training exclusively to law enforcement. Our high level, Public Order Training is a hybrid of material from Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Public Order courses are led by our chief instructor Geoff Perrin who is a former public order officer, public order medic and defensive tactics instructor from the Metropolitan Police in London, England. Having lived in the United States of America since 2004 and now a US citizen; Geoff has developed over this period, in collaboration with US law enforcement agencies, instructors and specialists, an advanced international hybrid public order model. Our program was developed working with those partners and from first hand experience and research deploying and looking at public order tactics both here in the US, and in places such as the UnitedKingdom, Germany, France and Hong Kong.

Geoff now delivers, along with a team of experienced instructors, advanced public order, basic crowd management and public order survival tactics. Taking the most effective and appropriate features from the myriad of tactical options out there for use in United States law enforcement; so as to provide a safer and more
proportionate tactical option, ensuring that Constitutional and Civil Rights are protected while ensuring the highest levels of safety and effectiveness for teams responding to all levels of US public order policing from peaceful protests right up to the levels of violent disorder seen recently

Survival Edge Tactical Systems’ U.S. Public Order Instructor Team is composed of former, retired and serving officers from London, Northern Ireland, and US Federal, State and City law enforcement agencies. Our team is highly experienced with all of our instructors having first hand experience policing riots, operating in supervisory or tactical commander and advisor roles. Within this team we have specialists in evidence gathering, forward intelligence teams, tactical medics, less lethal options and protestor removal from lock in devices. We also have a vastly experienced US partner public order commander cadre to deliver high end strategic command training. Our accomplished professional team ensures that you and your officers receive the absolute highest quality of
training to maximize your operational effectiveness.

We are constantly studying the effectiveness of our tactics in comparison with others here in the United States, and also have the international reach through our relationships with public order specialists around the globe to places such as the UK, Germany, France and Canada to identify evolving protest tactics and ensure that we are delivering the most updated, relevant and effective training out there. Our tactics do not require the use of indiscriminate munitions such as tear gas and other chemical agents, instead employing dynamic movement and a human element with officers dispersing crowds while being able to distinguish non combative protestors from violent agitators. They have been tested in the most strenuous conditions, including during the recent nationwide
unrest, and have a proven operational effectiveness superior to that of other tactics used in the same event; with the combination of advanced tactics and personal protective equipment also proving crucial in preventing injuries to officers.